Denison Enterprises, founded in 2014, is an experimental business learning opportunity serving as a think-tank, consultation group, and small business incubator.

We were inspired to create Denison Enterprises because we saw business needs on campus that were not completely met, ultimately driving students off-campus to meet those needs. Denison Enterprises seeks to bring self-sustaining student run business ventures to campus that provide experimental business learning opportunities to undergraduates.

What I like about Denison Enterprises is that everyone takes ownership... That’s how a great company should operate.

Photo of Christopher Celeste ’87 Christopher Celeste ’87

I believe this is the beginning of greater student input to what we want our campus to be.

Photo of Omar Vargas '16 Omar Vargas '16

I love that this collaboration is creating momentum for other positive changes around campus.

Photo of Jenna McDevitt Jenna McDevitt